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  • "The service we get from Great West Casualty Company is exceptional."

    "They are very good ... that's why we have had such a long-term relationship with Great West Casualty Company. Our agent is really on top of things. Their claims service is outstanding, and our overall experience with Great West can only be described as great. They really know the trucking industry, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other carriers."

  • "A motor carrier's success is dependent on its safety record, and Great West Casualty has done more to improve our bottom line than we could have ever dreamed."

    "Since 1994, we have recognized the value Great West Casualty brings to our company. We consider them a valued member of the Comtrak team and consult with them often. They have exceptional knowledge of our business, and their safety seminars and educational programs are outstanding. I'm proud to say their knowledge, integrity, and loyalty should make them our insurance company for many years to come."

  • "Great West really gets to know your business ... It's like having them as part of your business team."

    "With over 130 units and circumstances unique to our trucking operation, our policy requires a custom approach. Thanks to the close relationship we have with Great West, and their knowledge of the trucking industry, they are really on top of the coverage we need. I feel comfortable telling anyone that being insured with Great West Casualty Company is one of the most helpful tools a trucking firm can add to their business."

  • "Great West Casualty Company knows how to customize my policy to give me the coverage I need to make my company successful."

    "The service Great West provides is outstanding. Depending on what we're hauling, some of our customers require additional insurance coverage. Great West customizes our policy to cover it. For example, if we have to do a rail transfer, the insurance requirements differ from railroad to railroad. They know what we need. We're confident we're covered, and the railroad is, too."

  • Great West is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    We had an accident in Chicago at midnight that required cargo to be salvaged. Great West Casualty Company had people there and the area secured immediately. The cargo was transferred to another rig and was on its way by 6:00 a.m. They are really on top of things.

  • "Great West Casualty Company has made me a better carrier because of their input in so many areas of our business."

    "From recommending better ways to improve safety, to holding safety seminars for our drivers, I feel like Great West Casualty Company is a valuable asset to our company. We can sit down and talk about what's going on in the industry and review our insurance needs as friends. They really understand trucking and are here to help us avoid problems and keep us from being complacent in our procedures."

  • "When it comes to insurance Great West Casualty Company is as good as they get."

    "One of the biggest advantages of being insured by Great West Casualty is that they only deal with trucks, and their knowledge and expertise helps me in many ways. On occasion a customer will require additional insurance for a certain kind of load, and my agent is on it immediately and gets me what I need. Their driver safety information is very helpful, and they are really good about keeping me up to date on industry rules and regulations that are constantly changing. My agent really takes good care of me."

  • We would whole-heartedly recommend Great West Casualty Company to any carrier.

    Steve Jones & Steve Rutledge -- Ike Transportation

    We haul our customer's cargo on their trailers. This required a special insurance policy, and Great West Casualty knew exactly what we needed to assure we were protected. The executive

    vice-president spent a day here learning about our business and even went out with one of our drivers. Great West Casualty really knows the trucking business and is a very hands-on insurance company.

  • "We're proud to be associated with Great West Casualty Company. They are very competent when it comes to workers' compensation issues."

    "What impresses me about Great West Casualty Company is that their work comp personnel make sure that both the injured party and the interests of our company are well taken care of on any work comp claim. When it comes to occupational safety, the training they provide to us for our truckers is very beneficial and helps us keep accidents at a minimum."

  • "Great West Casualty Company brings a lot more than insurance to the table."

    "Great West Casualty Company knows the trucking industry, so the insight and information they provide us on everything from policy options to safety programs is a big asset to our business. Based on our previous experience with other insurance companies, Great West Casualty Company's service is far superior. We operate 24-7, so we appreciate the fact that they have a network of adjusters and can react very fast to any accidents we may have. Great West Casualty Company just goes above and beyond."


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